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Great stuff here, folks!

I've followed along with Platemark Podcasts and have very much enjoyed the informative, friendly, and funny repartee between Ann, Ben, and Tru. Their informal conversations veer in unexpected ways, to unexpected topics that go well beyond art. They clearly know their way around the world of art, art history, museum, prints, printmaking, etc... however the material is presented in a way that is easily understood and accessible for those of us who don't necessarily know a lot about art. Love it!

Art and then some

Ann and Tru have a fabulous and easy rapport that’s so fun to listen to. Yes you learn about art and printmaking in particular. But you also get to see the world through an artist’s eye which is a real treat.

Authentic and informative

This podcast is equal parts serious art discussion and fun conversation. It meets the needs of the professional artist and historian while also being accessible to mere mortals interested in art.

A wonderful deep dive!

This is a lovely conversation between two people who clearly love working with each other, about their deeply loved topic: Prints. Every episode has me chuckling, thinking, and going to the website as fast as I can to SEE the images. I can't recommend it enough if you are at all interested in art! Also, the interchange between Ann and Tru bring up so many issues facing artists of all kinds, I really enjoy their conversations!

Geeky Goodness

What a wonderful podcast! So happy to have an insiders view on the museum and art world. I’ve shared this with several friends who subscribe now too!

Great inside art conversation

Real talk from non-profit, curatorial art professionals. Ann and Ben bring a lot of passion to dry behind issues and relay a revealing a glimpse into decision making of creative institutions. Works well in the podcast format. Great for artists, demystifies the precious. Looking forward to more.

Great perspective

Fun to hear art museum professionals who are friends and have good stories to share. Upbeat, clearly in-the-know, addressing issues of our time!!! Kinda would like to have them over to dinner. They would be fascinating guests!