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Feb. 1, 2022

s2e12 History of Prints The Italians (Titian)

s2e12 History of Prints The Italians (Titian)

Titian is everything

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In s2e12, Ann Shafer and Tru Ludwig discuss the titan of Venetian painting, Titian, who happened to also make prints. Plus Ann and Tru take a deep dive into the epic first book of anatomy, Vesalius' On the Fabric of the Human Body, 1543. It turns out Titian had a hand in some of the woodcut illustrations in it.

Platemark is produced by Ann Shafer
Series one co-host: Ben Levy
Series two co-host: Tru Ludwig
Theme music: 
Michael Diamond
Audio mixing and troubleshooting: Dan Fury, Extension Audio