Welcome to Platemark, a podcast about art, ideas, prints, and printmaking
May 23, 2021

s1 Introduction

s1 Introduction

Platemark, a podcast about art and ideas, is introduced.

In the first episode, co-hosts Ann Shafer and Ben Levy introduce listeners to Platemark Series One. Over eight episodes they discuss all manner of topics relating to museums and curators, critiques and studio visits, market value and conceptual value, redefining the Western art historical canon and decolonization, and prints and printmaking.

The main goal of the podcast is to demystify the role of the curator and the museum, and to sing the praises of prints and printmaking.

Episode image: Platemark's logo was designed by Ben Levy.

Platemark is produced by Ann Shafer
Series one co-host: Ben Levy
Series two co-host: Tru Ludwig
Theme music:
Michael Diamond