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Jan. 14, 2022

BONUS EP History of Prints Tru's Artist's Manifesto

BONUS EP History of Prints Tru's Artist's Manifesto

On Tru Ludwig as artist and art historian

In this bonus episode, Ann Shafer talks to Tru Ludwig about being an artist and art historian, and how being a professor in both disciplines plays out. It's a fascinating confluence of ideas and passions in one person.

Ann notes: I love being with people with creative brains. Maybe we're kindred spirits. But my friend and Platemark co-host Tru Ludwig takes creativity to a new level. Tru is an artist--he makes etchings and woodcuts primarily. Tru is an art historian--have you listened to him talk about the history of prints on Platemark?
Tru teaches both--art and art history. I have met few people who can do both and do both well. If fact, I've come to think of Tru as having a super power. He can bring art history to young artists and not only make it relevant, but also talk about the making of the thing, how he would approach the work, and share those kinds of approaches to creative output. He's a special combination of a walking encyclopedia and a passionate and relatable artist. He can elicit the most wonderful work out of these young artists. It's thrilling to watch.
I convinced him to talk about the intersection of teaching art and art history, and some gems came out about believing in what you are doing: "what's your manifesto, what do you believe in today?" Tru also talks about taking time to notice things and curiosity as critical elements of being an artist,being human.

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