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Feb. 15, 2022

s2e13 History of Prints The Italians (Ghisi and Barocci)

s2e13 History of Prints The Italians (Ghisi and Barocci)

Reproductive or autographic? Barocci does both simultaneously

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In s2e13, Ann Shafer and Tru Ludwig talk about reproductive engravings and how they helped spread Italian art and style to Northern European countries. Italian Giorgio Ghisi worked for Antwerp publisher Hieronymous Cock and did much of the heavy lifting. The episode concludes with Federico Barocci and two of the loveliest etching and engravings yet discussed.

Platemark is produced by Ann Shafer
Series one co-host: Ben Levy
Series two co-host: Tru Ludwig
Theme music: 
Michael Diamond
Audio mixing and troubleshooting: Dan Fury, Extension Audio