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May 10, 2022

s2e19 History of Prints Rembrandt (genre scenes and portraits)

s2e19 History of Prints Rembrandt (genre scenes and portraits)

Facial expressions in five lines or less

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In s2e19, Ann Shafer and Tru Ludwig continue talking about the best etcher ever, Rembrandt van Rijn. In this second of three episodes on Rembrandt, they tackle genre scenes (those would be scenes of everyday life) and portraits. Rembrandt is the consummate storyteller and in these etchings he gives us regular, everyday people like print dealers, cooks, beggars, and even rat catchers. His etchings are brimming with life. Remember, Rembrandt lives in Amsterdam, which is part of Holland, a country that had recently gained independence from Catholic Spain. These subjects are new territory for us.

In addition, Ann talks about a second female artist: Geertruydt Roghman.

Platemark is produced by Ann Shafer
Series one co-host: Ben Levy
Series two co-host: Tru Ludwig
Theme music: 
Michael Diamond
Audio mixing and troubleshooting: Dan Fury, Extension Audio