Welcome to Platemark, a podcast about art, ideas, prints, and printmaking
Jan. 3, 2023

S3e16 Hope Saska

Curator, University of Colorado at Boulder Art Museum

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In s3e16, Platemark host Ann Shafer talks with curator Hope Saska about CU's Sharkive, the archive of the  print publisher Shark's Ink. Ann's former cataloguing self nerds out on how to manage a collection of hundreds of objects, some of which are related to the published edition. It's a lot to wrangle. CU currently has an exhibition on view drawn from the Sharkive (on view until July 2023), which is worth the visit to Boulder.

Platemark is produced by Ann Shafer
Series one co-host: Ben Levy
Series two co-host: Tru Ludwig
Theme music: 
Michael Diamond
Audio mixing and troubleshooting: Dan Fury, Extension Audio