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Platemark s3e17 the print ecosystem: Jeannot Barr, dealer

In s3e17, Platemark host Ann Shafer talks with print dealer Jeannot Barr, who organized the first (and many subsequent) New York Print Fair in 1984. They also touch on pricing, buying at auction, fair organization, and a host of other business-of-art topics. They delve into the Ferdinand Roten Gallery and his business model of traveling print dealers who set up mini fairs in various schools and universities in the second half of the twentieth century. Roten was based in Baltimore and the BMA has many works that were acquired from the gallery. They also touch upon the Associated American Artists, whose tag line was Art in Every Home, as well as the proliferation of regional print collector’s clubs.

Episode image: Selfie by Ann Shafer with Jeannot Barr and Tru Ludwig, Satellite Print Fair, New York, October 2023.