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Platemark s3e19 the print ecosystem: Maryanne Ellison Simmons, printer and collector

In s3e19, host Ann Shafer talks with Maryanne Ellison Simmons, collector, printer, and owner of Wildwood Press in St. Louis, MO. Along with her husband, baseball hall-of-famer Ted Simmons, Maryanne collects contemporary prints. A large portion of the collection is now at the Saint Louis Art Museum where it was celebrated in an exhibition in 2022. Listeners may remember that Ann and Tru Ludwig traveled to St. Louis to see this exhibition and interview one of its curators, Elizabeth Wyckoff (s3e7), artist Tom Huck (s3e4 and s3e13), and Ted and Maryanne. Sadly, the audio file from the conversation with the Simmons was corrupt, so Ann circled back and interviewed Maryanne without Ted (sorry, Ted). But it gave them an opportunity to talk about not only the collection and the exhibition, but also Wildwood Press.