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Platemark s3e21 the print ecosystem: Pam Paulson

In Platemark s3e21, host Ann Shafer talks with Pam Paulson, founder of Paulson Fontaine Press, Berkeley, California. After earning her MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1982 (she was a teaching assistant for Robert Colescott), Pam cut her teeth in printmaking at Crown Point Press in downtown San Francisco. There she worked with luminaries such as John Cage and Richard Diebenkorn. In 1996, she started publishing prints as Paulson Press. She and Renée Bott joined forces as Paulson Bott Press, and following Renée's retirement, Pam is joined by Rhea Fontaine precipitating the change in name to Paulson Fontaine Press. The Press works with a fabulous array of artists, specializing in intaglio printmaking.

Our conversation focuses on some of the intriguing projects Pam has worked on over the years, leading off with projects at Crown Point with artist John Cage during which the press was set on fire (on purpose).