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Platemark s3e8 the print ecosystem: Dave Cloutier, artist, Center Arts and Studios

In s3e8, Platemark host Ann Shafer talks with Dave Cloutier who recently opened Center Arts and Studios (CAS) in the Mill Centre, Baltimore. CAS offers classes, equipment, critiques, guidance, and studio spaces to second-career artists. A passion project for Dave, it has long been his goal to encourage artists and their meaningful work to find each other. His belief in letting the work that needs to be made be made means giving over one's conscious self and embracing that mysterious place inside all of us, our subconscious. It takes maturity, patience, and generosity to get to that place, but Dave is intent on helping second-career artists find their voice.

It's an exciting development in the artistic landscape of Baltimore and one that will no doubt appeal to many. This episode introduces Dave and the program to the world and offers an invitation to come see what CAS is all about. Dave welcomes visitors and loves talking about art, inspiration, and listening intently to one's mind.

Dave has been a faculty member at the Maryland Institute College of Art for sixteen years. He earned his MFA from the LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting in 2005, and his BFA in painting and art therapy from the University of The Arts in Philadelphia in 1991.