Welcome to Platemark, a podcast about art, ideas, prints, and printmaking

Series One Episodes

Aug. 31, 2021

s1e8 The Print Ecosystem

We love prints!

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Aug. 17, 2021

s1e7 Prints and Printmaking

Why prints are awesome!

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Aug. 3, 2021

s1e6 Museums Face Today's Challenges

On decolonization, racial justice, and gender equity

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July 20, 2021

s1e5 Redefining the Canon

How can the visual arts sector redefine what makes the cut?

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July 6, 2021

s1e4 Conceptual Value

Systems for Evaluating Art

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June 22, 2021

s1e3 Market Value

In series 1 episode 3, co-hosts Ann Shafer and Ben Levy take a deep dive into market value and ask how is it established, who decides what the value of a work should be, how value is arrived at, and …

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June 8, 2021

s1e2 Role of the Curator

In series 1 episode 2, co-host Ben Levy asks Ann Shafer about being a curator from an internship at the Whitney Museum, to graduate school at Williams College, to the National Gallery and Baltimore Museum of Art

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May 24, 2021

s1e1 Critiques and Studio Visits

How do curators critique art? What makes for a great studio visit?

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May 23, 2021

s1 Introduction

Platemark, a podcast about art and ideas, is introduced.

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